The Basalto Fireplace Looks Like it Belongs in the Fortress of Solitude

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: givingshape.blogspot & designbuzz
Superman's Fortress of Solitude comes to mind when I look upon the Basalto Fireplace. As though made from crystals or ice, there is a futuristic feel to this fire pit that seems more mythical than realistic. Of course, that's the true beauty of it.

Designed by Max Battaglia, the Basalto Fireplace looks more like an art piece than anything else, making it a stunning centerpiece for any domestic or even public setting. The Basalto Fireplace was actually inspired by the Giant’s Causeway, which is an Irish cliff.

Made from glazed ceramics, not crystal or ice, the Basalto Fireplace is available in two colors: black (wood fed) and white (ethanol fed).