Shamim Shorif Susom Showcases Landscapes from a Unique Perspective

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: iblackbirds &
Shamim Shorif Susom, a professional photographer and aviator, took to the skies to capture a stunning Bangladesh photography series.

Each image is captured from a lens that's angles straight down to the ground, with Shamim Shorif Susom focusing in on specific features to generate an outcome that's almost poetic. In addition to capturing the natural beauty of the landscapes, he shows how human interaction changes it. With this, he shows his subjects in peaceful states that look Utopian from above as they're left uninterrupted in their enjoyment of their surroundings.

Examples of this include a lone boat creating an artful circle in the ripples of water, farmers plowing a bright green landscape and a building that looks to be situated in the middle of nowhere. Shamim Shorif Susom's Bangladesh photography does this by taking a big step back from the reality below, showing how beautiful it is by understanding what surrounds it.