The African Bamboo and Rattan Crutch Can Be Made Cheaply and Locally

 - Dec 5, 2013
Designer Kong Fei was considering comfort and accessibility when she dreamed up the Bamboo and Rattan Crutch. This Red Dot Design Award winner is intended specifically to assist poorer communities in Africa by offering them the guidance to assemble their own walking canes from readily available materials and for very little cost, if any.

Rattan and bamboo can both be found throughout the continent as fast-growing and sustainable plants. The thinner palm stems require some steaming, bending and molding, but then they're ready to be inserted into the hollowed woody grass. Bicycle tire inner tubes can often be found lying about, and these make great stoppers. They can bind the Bamboo and Rattan Crutch effectively to facilitate sturdiness and to fix it to the user's required size.