Baglap by Francesco Marcellino is a Briefcase for the Urban Nomad

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Day-to-day life involves a great deal of waiting, for meetings, for trains and for tables at restaurants. For those who aim to make the most of these otherwise unproductive periods, the Baglap by Francesco Marcellino is an effect that caters to efficiency.

This contemporary briefcase is appealing quite simply for its sleek look and a protective structure. It has a core of polyurethane foam, a coating of soft thermoformed alcantara on the exterior and silicone rubber straps inside to secure your laptop in place.

But what truly makes the Baglap by Francesco Marcellino unique is its sculpted shape. One side is ergonomically molded to sit comfortably and fixedly to one's thighs while seated, and the flat opposite face makes the perfect mobile desk for your notebook computer.