The Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese is a Guaranteed Heart Attack

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: dudefoods
I never imagined anything like a bacon weave grilled cheese sandwich but looking at it makes my mouth water uncontrollably.

I always worry about the logistics of cooking, such as which things I should do first if I ever have to ‘wing it.’ It’s debatable whether you want to cook your bacon in the oven or pan first. If you cook them together, the cheese might melt too quickly and ooze all over the place. A huge dilemma, right? Considering the bacon will be piping hot either way, you can weave the deliciously fatty meat and then fry it, put the cheese in between both pieces of bacon and finish it off in the oven or you can sandwich the cheese immediately after cooking and eat.

The bacon weave grilled cheese is an excellent way to indulge with two of the best edible discoveries ever.