ViCE's Bachelor Apartment Photography is Mildly Horrifying

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: vice
The bachelor apartment exemplifies a crucial, yet ephemeral, moment in a man's life. The single, straight man is a creature who lives only to please himself, and his design aesthetic definitely reflects that.

Matthew Rababy sought out to photograph this space, which is a physical manifestation of the critical, in-between time between parental supervision and marriage. The results are sometimes amusing, sometimes horrifying, depending on the hygiene habits of the bachelor in question. If you want a sneak preview on what it's like to live with a dude, browse the series; but I warn you, some images may turn your stomach.

In most cases, introducing a woman into the bachelor environment results in some much-needed change. However, until that fateful day, the bachelor is free to live in squalor. Don't feel like washing the dishes? Who needs 'em! Aren't into taking out the trash? Leave it!