Brooklyn-Based 'Myak' is Using Baby Yak Wool to Create Luxe Garments

 - May 29, 2015
References: & fashionista
The latest innovation in eco-friendly fabrics comes in the form of baby yak wool. Myak founder Paola Vanzo came up with the idea of using baby yak wool after spending time living among the yak herds in the Tibetan Plateau. Vanzo observed that the yaks would naturally shed their fur each year and the nomadic herders would then use this fabric to make to make garments with a quality akin to cashmere.

Working with a group of 50 nomads in Tibet, Myak creates high-quality yarn from the baby yak fur that is collected. Interestingly, the adult yak fur is course and unsuitable for quality clothing, meaning only baby yak fur is collected. Myak then takes the baby yak wool and manufactures the final product in Italy. The garments are described as incredibly soft and even warmer than cashmere and alpaca, making this sustainable fabric a much sought after commodity.