Baby Production

Parents of new babies now have a cute alternative to plain old birth announcement cards. They can have a personal movie trailer made - their very own baby production. The Movie Trailer Birth Announcements website can help you create “birth announcements like you've never seen...until now.” View their sample movie here.

The movie starts out with the familiar green film rating which is naturally “B” for baby with parental guidance needed as the film contains brief scenes of nudity, crying and baby talk. “He's (She's) the “Must See” Baby of the Year”!! Film credits include the newcomer and stars the parents with siblings are nominated for best supporting roles!! No prizes for guessing who the director would be and the location of the “shoot”!!

The website offers a one year online version for $99. A single DVD will set you back $149. They also offer multiple DVDs. For movie buffs, this might be worth the price!

Don't forget to build the hype beforehand!