The Babushka Alarm Clock is Inspired by the Old World

Russian designer Denis Kalinin is behind the Babushka Alarm Clock, a clock designed to take you back to a simpler time. Back before there were a ton of alarm clock apps for smartphones, people in small villages were often woken up by the crow of a rooster. That’s the main idea behind the Babushka Alarm Clock. The red rooster can be affixed to any portion of the clock, and it crows when the hour hand hovers over it.

Kalinin admits that the Babushka Alarm Clock isn’t entirely accurate, but he states that since it’s designed to mimic rural alarm clocks (roosters), accuracy isn’t of the utmost importance. In addition to the novelty of being awoken by a rooster, the clock’s design is also a tribute to traditional Russian culture, specifically in the usage of Volgoda lace and Russian barouqe.