Artist B. Wurtz Creates Mindfully Eco Abstract Sculptures

 - Oct 23, 2012
References: bwurtz & fastcodesign
There is found art and then there is the art of B. Wurtz. He may recycle discarded everyday objects, but he does so in a way that isn't typical of similar art projects and sculptures. For instance, artist Steel Stillman describes B. Wurtz’s work as "mind-bombs of often-philosophical meaning."

Born in Pasadena, California, and based in New York City, B. Wurtz puts together such thoughtfully created sculptures that it is hard not to appreciate them. Armed with yogurt lids, shopping bags, wire hangers and more, B. Wurtz's abstract art is currently on view at the White Flag Projects in St. Louis. The show was curated by Matthew Strauss.

B. Wurtz says, "Objects that are already considered desirable or interesting don’t need me--there’s nothing left to contribute."