The B iConic-Montecito Heights is Inspired by a Transport Network

 - Jun 12, 2011
References: wix & designbuzz
The [B] iConic-Montecito Heights Design Complex looks like an eco-friendly theme park of some sort. In fact, it was inspired by California's snakelike transport network, which might as well act as the state's own roller coaster ride. Forget Disneyland.

Designed by John Ledden, the [B] iConic-Montecito Heights Design Complex is located at the foothills of the Pasadena Mountains in Los Angeles. By incorporating vegetated roofs, this singular structure will add some fresh greenery to its surroundings while also allowing the entire building to blend into its background when viewed from afar.

The [B] iConic-Montecito Heights Design Complex will be home to various offices in its various legs, while its center will host meetings and other social gatherings. What a great concept.