10 Creatively Brilliant Poster Ads

 - Sep 23, 2008
References: adsoftheworld & interiordesignroom.blogspot
Great advertising posters are those which combine good artistic design with awesome images that immediately grab viewer attention and tie in with the product at the same time. Here are some of the best works of advertising geniuses from around the world.

How else can Friends, an adult diaper company, show what they provide but with toilets for cinema and car seats in their ads? The Careerbuilder bus ad aims to save job seekers from certain suicide. Sia Huat knives are so sharp, they even cut through knife blocks! The Abtei nail polish is so strong, it can even be used as a screw driver. The milk poster shows milk being poured into a tooth-shaped glass which reinforces how calcium in milk is good for bones and teeth.

Graphic designers are just amazing - just check out the book-cleavage image created for Max Magazine. Or how good they are at image association, as seen with the Pepsi Light ad showing an ultra slim bathroom mirror. The World Wildlife ad shows a superimposed image of a sewing pattern on another of a crocodile. They are so good, they can even make you wince with the Preparation H ad which features a saw on a bicycle seat!

These are just some of the best from a collection selected by Interior Design Room.