The Ave Stool by Moises Hernandez has Graceful Bowed Legs Beneath the Seat

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
The act of sitting down takes a load off of your legs, but the Ave Stool by Moises Hernandez has been sculpted to embody an air of lightness. Inspired abstractly by the fluent form of a bird in flight, this endearing sitting object seems content to take your weight.

A cutting-edge substance called Corian makes up the body of this playful perch, sculpting a softly concave seat and an elegant set of bowing legs. Two strong strips of the material make gentle curves just beneath the sitter's body, designed to mimic the graceful shapes of feathered wings.

Manufactured in a bright white hue and decorated simply with a splash of delectable color, the Ave Stool by Moises Hernandez exudes the essence of its charm through its structural subtleties.