The Avalanche Guide GPS Keeps Hikers Out of Danger

 - Aug 4, 2011
Society has come to embrace the convenience of global positioning devices in daily urban life, but the Avalanche Guide GPS is undoubtedly an even more intelligent application for such a technology, given that it can help save lives.

Heinrich Lentz has conceived this handheld gadget specifically for mountaineering, extreme snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling. It's angular shape makes it easy to grip while wearing thick gloves and it incorporates a carabiner loop so that it can be fixed securely to a coat, a backpack or one's equipment. It's unclear as to whether or not the transceiver can warn ice climbers about nearby barrages and snowslides, but the Avalanche Guide GPS can aid users with interactive maps, direct them to the nearest point of safety, and perhaps even support communication with rescue missions.