This Automatic Hair Washing Machine Was Invented by Chen Gongke

 - Sep 18, 2015
References: damngeeky
Chen Gongke, a Chinese inventor, wanted to help his grandmother who was paralyzed to maintain basic functions like washing her own hair, which is what prompted him to develop the Automatic Hair Washing Machine. Designed to wash and dry the hair in just five minutes, the Automatic Hair Washing Machine was developed to aid the differently abled, but sadly Gongke's own grandmother passed before she could see a final working product.

After 16 years of development and 18 broken helmets, Gongke's Automatic Hair Washing Machine came to life and his glorious innovation was ready to be patented. With countries like China having a rising number of senior citizens who require extra help, the Automatic Hair Washing Machine could help revolutionize how we take care of ourselves in our later years.