The Autodidactic Camera Facilitates Intuitive Use Through Textured Components

 - Mar 24, 2014
An amateur photographer could pick up the Autodidactic Camera and be able to make sense of the various settings built-in. This concept device by Adrien Guérin operates with a great deal more ease than your digital SLR and works with just a touch more tweaking than your common point-and-shoot requires.

The design of the Autodidactic Camera looks like an extruded lens, incorporating the base of the camera with its viewfinder into one end of the curving cylinder. You will notice the shutter button on the top of the gadget, yes all of the other adjustments for your capture can be made by rotating the various rings along the body. Angle, aperture, depth of field and grain can all be set to your preference and understood easily by the textures on the individual bands.

If the Autodidactic Camera concept wasn't cool enough, take a look at its friend-finding feature that syncs with social media.