The Auto Refilling Dog Bowl Keeps Your Pets Hydrated

 - Nov 5, 2012
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
Ensure your pets never go thirsty with the Auto Refilling Dog Bowl.

If you go on vacation and you're not sure your dog-sitter will remember to refill the water bowl, or you are always out on business and don't have anyone at home looking after your pet's water supply, you need this bowl. Also known as the H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy 2-Quart Homelife Series Automatic Waterer, this dog bowl attaches to a garden hose and fills itself up when needed. It maintains the water at a certain level so it will not overflow and your pet will always have fresh water whenever they're thirsty.

Make sure that you are keeping your pet's water bowl full at all times with the Auto Refilling Dog Bowl.