The Audiots App Adds the Appropriate Sounds to Emojis

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
13 year old San Franciscan Mercer Henderson is adding excitement to emoji sending with her newly released Audiots app. This fun and innovative app adds all the appropriate sounds to various emojis.

Following a similar app created by Paul McCartney, the Audiots app features various emojis which release sound once sent. Imagine sending the kissy face emoji and also hearing the sound of the kiss landing. Likewise, a chicken emoji would begin to cluck once opened by the recipient. The point of the Audiots app is to add more to the digital experience by providing fun and kitschy sound effects.

Mercer hopes to take her app to the next level by collaborating with celebrities for a star-studded collection of voice overs. She also hopes to join forces with Adidas, and brands like the S.P.C.A., so that every time someone downloads a dog Audiot, $1 gets donated to neglected pups.