Shape Sound, Create Music and Perform Live With A Single Touch

 - May 6, 2009
References: percussa
Every music producer should have a new set of AudioCubes, a fun method of creating new sounds. An alectronics company in Brussels, Percussa, created glowing blocks that hook up to a computer and let you shape sound with a simple tap. It’s a interactive, wireless, intelligent system that senses your position and a distance to other objects. Templates and sounds are included to get you started quickly.

Users can choose from up top 100 cubes, which are all networked. Each AudioCube consists of a small, powerful digital signal processing computer, custom built for the applications of AudioCubes.

‘Multiple users’ AudioCubes talk to each other wirelessly without complicated setup. High-speed, high-resolution, better-than-MIDI sensor technology make sure even the most subtle performance gestures are captured.

In my opinion, it’s a great idea for music lovers to make long hours in recording studio even more enjoyable.