The Atelier XJC Experimental Collection is Avant-Garde

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: milojulien & fastcodesign
The Atelier XJC experimental collection features accessories that could easily be adorning Lady Gaga’s shoulders in her next red carpet spectacle.

The all-white pieces feature Elizabethan-inspired collars and wrist cuffs that have a hint of a Jurassic Park feel to them. With a scale-like pattern on the hat and shoulder pads, their texture is similar to that of a large lizard’s tough skin. The fanning neck pieces are reminiscent of the retractable neck frills around a spritely dinosaur’s head. The exquisite pieces are complemented by a slew of similarly neutral and strange-looking models who look like Spartan warriors. This only gives the prehistoric-future-melded collection a powerfully dangerous look.

These oddities should definitely be confined to the runway, where high fashion seldom makes mainstream sense.