This iDevice Cradle is made from an Aston Martin Brake Caliper

 - Dec 19, 2012
References: astonstore & damngeeky
Car connoisseurs who want to take their love of cars beyond the driveway are sure to love the Aston Martin Brake Caliper iPhone dock. The complex cradle is crafted from the brake caliper of an Aston Martin race car; the brake caliper is the large portion that applies pressure to the brake pad to make the car slow down.

The upcycled dock uses the surface it is placed on to bounce sound off and into the surrounding area for a unique experience each time the cradle is used. Compatible with most Apple iPod and iPhone devices, the Aston Martin Brake Caliper carries a hefty price tag of £995 that is sure to only appeal to actual Aston Martin owners who can afford only the finest tech accessories to match their luxury vehicles.