The 'Zephyr' Asthma Inhaler Case Protects Against Germs

 - Jan 16, 2017
References: yankodesign
The usual design of asthma inhaler cases usually sees them designed with a somewhat uneasy access design, so the 'Zephyr' case aims to change this. Designed by Nancy Rekhelman, the 'Zephyr' case works with any inhaler and allows it to be slipped inside the device case. It instantly goes to work to protect it against germs and air moisture as well as making it possible for the inhaler to be stored upright.

The 'Zephyr' asthma inhaler case quickly folds open to allow users to easily access the device when they need it. This makes it an effective piece of equipment for keeping the inhaler clean, while also ensuring it's never strapped into a case and not easily accessible when it's needed most.