Asterisms by Gabriel Orozco Organizes American Garbage

 - Nov 14, 2012
References: mariangoodman & fastcodesign
It is one thing to glorify trash and quite another to organize it, but Asterisms by Gabriel Orozco does both. An exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, New York, it is comprised of 2,400 hand-gathered and carefully catalogued objects collected from Isla Arena in California and Pier 40 in New York. The name of the art show refers to the recognizable patterns constellations form when viewed from the earth’s surface.

Asterisms by Gabriel Orozco is a meticulous "study of a universe normally ignored," as eloquently observed by Fast Co. Design. The Mexican-American artists states, "I come from a country where a lot of art is labelled surrealist. I grew up with it and I hate that kind of dreamlike, evasive, easy, poetic, sexual, cheesy surrealist practice. I try to be a realist."