Ashen Has Players and NPC Remain Indistinguishable from One Another

 - Jul 20, 2018
References: ashen-game & venturebeat
Single-player and multiplayer games are often clearly distinguished from one another, but Ashen aims to blur this line as players essentially take on the role of NPCs. Coming from the minds of New Zealand-based developer Aurora44, this new video game attempts to recreate the passive multiplayer experience where players forge alliances in the absence of texts and voice chats. In order to accomplish this, Ashen does away with any clunky HUDs and menus and instead has players seamlessly join each other on various adventures in the world.

This lack of communication is essentially what drives the idea that players can become NPCs. By restraining, player communication players blend and integrate into the backdrop of the world and simply become fixtures that move and operate within Ashen. This concept for Ashen shows how pivotal communication can be in a video game as this use of communication helps drive a unique concept in a living world.