2 Millions Dollars Rims

 - Mar 14, 2007
References: asantiwheels & jewelrycentral
Anything can be priceless for uber-rich. So the Asanti company have come up with their luxurious wheel line that is studded with diamonds and rubies.
"Asanti, an American automobile wheel manufacturer, released new wheel rims priced at 2 million dollars. A company spokesperson announced that these will be the most expensive wheels ever created. The new AFS 103 series, is available in 30 and 34 inches in diameter.
Each wheel is inlaid with precious stones - 26 thousand diamonds and 1200 rubies or sapphires. Note that this is Asanti's second design of "jewelry" for automobiles. The first series of 4 wheels sold for 1 million dollars and contained only 12 thousand diamonds and 800 sapphires."