Artist Andrew Myers Creates Portraits Built From Screws

 - Aug 26, 2015
Artist Andrew Myers has created a collection of portraits made entirely of screws and paint. The paintings are done on a canvas made entirely of screws, adding difficult textural and spacial elements. Impressively, Myers is able to make his paintings extremely lifelike.

The process for Myers is extremely important and regards this tactile method to be an added dimension to his art. For Myers, he wants his art to not only stand as visual pieces but also incorporate a physical element. Myers also prefers to create large-scale pieces, fitted for walls. From afar, it is difficult to tell that each piece is made from screws. Upon further inspecting each painting, it is clear that Myers uses an unorthodox canvas.

The amount of detail in each painting is quite astonishing, which creates extremely realistic and detailed depictions of each person. The textural dimension of his work makes many of his pieces come to life.