Google's 'Art Palette' App Matches Colors to Famous Works

 - Mar 7, 2018
References: artsexperiments.withgoogle
Color plays a massive part in people's artistic tastes, and a new tool called 'Art Palette' makes discovering new pieces a colorful affair. The tool, which was created by Google as part of its popular 'Arts & Culture' app, lets people find artwork by inputting five colors into a palette, isolating color as the sole factor in art appreciation.

Art Palette gives users completely free reign for their five colors. Users can opt for harmonious hues or clashing chromatics — whatever they so choose. Considering the massive database of art available to them through Google, they'll get results either way. The platform also has an option for searching from the colors in an uploaded image, or it can select the five colors completely at random.

The images that the tool churns up can be saved in the Arts & Culture app and viewed online as well.