'Cafe Art' Gave 100 Cameras to London's Homeless Who Captured Its Beauty

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: cafeart.org.uk & petapixel
'Cafe Art' is one of many art initiatives in London, England; this one is aimed to engage and connect homeless through photography. Their most recent project involved giving 100 disposable cameras to homeless and giving them some photography training with the Royal Photographic Society. The photos they captured throughout their city are quite incredible.

Asked to capture images with the theme 'My London,' the final selected photos include an image of a man reading a newspaper with a shopping cart full of bags beside him, titled 'Everything I Own'.

Of the 100 cameras given out, 80 of them were brought back, an impressive number that alludes to the power of community engagement through art initiatives. Getting homeless engaged and involved often has such positive outcomes and should be encouraged in cities like London where homelessness is an immense issue.