The Armadillo Folding Bike is Designed for Easy Riding

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: ecofriend
Designer Hyijoong Rhie is attempting to change people's perceptions of folding bikes as "too much of a hassle" with the Armadillo Folding Bike. The Armadillo Folding Bike was designed for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition and features a unique design meant to make folding easier.

Turning the handlebars brings the two wheels together; those two wheels are, in turn, held together by magnets. While the Armadillo Folding Bike doesn't exactly become a pocket-sized cycle, it definitely becomes a lot easier to carry as it takes on the form of a piece of rolling luggage.

I have experimented with folding bikes in the past and let me tell you that they are no joke. Even a simple mini-bike took me many minutes to fold. The Armadillo Folding Bike combines ease of use with good looks -- that's a winning combination in my books.