Create aMap Of Your Best Arguments To Impress Friends

 - Jan 27, 2009
References: techcrunch
aMap’s short for "argument map" and is designed to promote the art of arguing by mapping out complex arguments in a simple visual way.

aMaps come both in printed and internet (widget) formats.  The printed series of aMaps cover a mixture of weighty and not so weighty arguments including: Does God exist? Cat or dog? Is modern art rubbish? Beatles or Stones? Are children worth it?

The internet version ([url=][/url]) allows people to create their own personalised interactive arguments so they can argue with friend (or foe) online.

The initial concept for aMap came from an initial academic research project into the how arguments could be visualised in a simple visual format between us, the new economics foundation and the London School of Economics.

The theory behind aMap is based around "informal logic" - this is the logic people use to argue in everyday life.  Informal logic has a four-tiered structure:

- Your position (I think . . .) - what you think overall

- Propositions (Because . . .) - reasons that support your position

- Arguments (As . . .) - supporting arguments that back up each of your propositions

- Evidence (Supported by . . .) - supporting evidence to back up your