The Architects of Air Experience Will Illuminate Your Senses

Visitors of the Architects of Air Experience will receive a different adventure once they enter this museum. Visitors are required to remove their shoes before they enter an airlock; once they enter, they can fully absorb the ambience and the lights of the structure. The main feature of the exhibit at the museum is the unexpected beauty of the colorful lights. The patterned lights are created by the radiance of the daylight, which is transmitted through colored PVC to create a luminosity that impacts all the senses.

The museum has is a confusing maze of tunnels and domes, and visitors are encouraged to burrow themselves in these spaces to fully saturate themselves in the light and reflections of color. For anyone revisiting the Architects of Air experience, they might find that no two experiences are quite the same. The simplistic yet life-altering experience of the museum is certainly worth exploring, especially if you'd like to discover the transformative qualities of light and color.