Architect Michael Jatzen Surpasses Innovation with the Hideaway House

 - Nov 26, 2012
References: michaeljantzen & archinect
The Hideaway House is a compact and versatile alternative to the typical concrete structures most of us live in. Inspired by high tech fabrics, architect Michael Jantzen created a structure that is made entirely of fabric that is fire-resistant, endures most weather conditions and is able to be placed in just about any environment.

Architect Michael Jantzen truly thinks outside the box when creating designs for modern day living. His designs always try to mix a variety of different functionalities and eco-friendly additions. Jantzen incorporates such capabilities as allowing for solar water or wind-powered technology, which makes the house sustainable.

As clever as the design is, you may be wondering how it is able to be protected from potential intruders? The house is designed so that when you leave the house you can fold the fabric part of the structure into various resistant hard shells. The houses would be available in various shapes and sizes and would also be easily transported to any destination.