Archea Associati Designs an Italian Winery Fit for a Royal Send Off

 - May 13, 2013
References: dezeen
As far as aesthetics go, wineries have a pretty bad reputation, but visionary architects like those at the Archea Associati firm are changing this with their stunning creations that emphasize on visual appeal as well as quality wine.

Giant, messy wooden barrels being used by sweaty old men is what some people may think of when it comes to visualizing a winery. But this massive wine estate, created by Italian design firm Archea Associati is using large, arching halls constructed out of fine, royalty worthy materials, are changing these perceptions.

This 50,000 square meter winery is only the above ground beauty to Archea Associati's creation, as beneath this massive structure lies gigantic subterranean cellars. These wine cellars are made out of smooth terracotta and almost resemble an Egyptian or royalty worthy tomb.