The HuaQingFeng 'Green Catch' Branding is Efficient and Beautiful

Ecommmerce is expanding to become the predominant method for consumers to make purchases, and the HuaQingFeng 'Green Catch' aquatic plant packaging shows how packaging is evolving.

Designed by the Box Brand Design agency in Hong Kong, the HuaQingFeng 'Green Catch' packaging considers the various aspects of packaging including transportation, consumer experience and branding.

The challenge of creating packaging for aquatic plants was met with a final design that's both beautiful to look at, secure to ship and offers an experience once received. The unfurling design of the box allows it to open like a flower and help create a cohesive branding effort for the plant retail brand.

As ecommerce becomes a more important vertical in the modern economy, we could see more brands developing unexpected packaging to satisfy a number of requirements.