This Ad Promotes Aquafresh Toothpaste and its Quest Against Candy

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: aquafresh & ibelieveinadv
In this ad, Aquafresh toothpaste isn't campaigning against eating candy, it's simply asserting that when you do eat candy, you should also brush with Aquafresh when you're finished.

This set of print ads was released at the same time and addresses both the sweet and salty types of treats: most prefer one or the other when it comes to junk food. What's interesting is that Aquafresh toothpaste presented the candies (a gummy bear and a fish snack) as decorations -- the gummy bear is a throw rug and the fish snack is a wall ornament. This is beautiful symbolism when you think about these candies sticking to the inside of your mouth like they do to the floor and wall in these ads.

Think about this ad next time you chomp on some candy.