Experts Weigh in on the Best Apples for Apple Bobbing

 - Oct 29, 2009
References: tesco & telegraph
You know it’s Halloween when researchers prefer to study the science of apple bobbing over something more socially beneficial—like the cure for cancer (I’m just saying).

Nonetheless, the results are in: the Gala apple is the best for apple bobbing, while the Jonagold comes in second. Researchers from Tesco tested the apples on three aspects which are ideal for a great round of apple bobbing: buoyancy, stem size and the softness of flesh. Here’s what John Worth, the Tesco apple technical manager (is that a real title?) had to say:

Unfortunately if you choose the wrong apple variety it can be a disaster with no one able to fish them out so we wanted to offer a guide on the best type to choose and also some useful tips on techniques to get them out of the water.