These Appetizing Meals are Cleverly Made with Indigestible Objects

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: benjaminhenon & foodiggity
Talented artists Valentine Mazel and Benjamin Henon have put together a series of appetizing meal sculptures that are actually made from inedible objects. These surrealist art pieces prompt the viewer to think twice about what goes inside a dish.

The collaborative food pieces are made using a variety of different objects such as soaps, shoelaces, sponges and more to recreate the look and texture of popular foods. For example, a collection of thick yellow shoelaces are scattered across a ceramic white plate and twirled around a fork to recreate the aesthetic of pasta. Another piece features a bar of creamy white soap with a chunk missing and pieces shaved off positioned by a mouse trap as though it is a brick of cheese. Each work is carefully arranged and features a two-toned pastel background.