Anya Gallaccio Created a Room with Walls Good Enough to Eat

 - May 22, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio made an art installation that will attract many chocolate fanatics. She also may need to hire some serious security in order to stop people from licking, picking, biting or touching her art because it's made entirely out of Swiss chocolate. The fascinating installation was created by coating the walls of Jupiter Artland sculpture park (a popular art gallery) with 40kg of dark Swiss chocolate.

The purpose of her project is to tap into the viewer's senses. Apparently, the chocolate scent acts as a memory trigger and will bring about the feelings and memories that involve desire and anticipation. Also, along with the artist's other installations, she sticks to the concept of beauty becoming "putrid and decayed." Perhaps the chocolate is expired?