The Anthropologie April 2011 Lookbook Stars Jeisa Chiminazzo

As the weather warms up, it's hard to resist thoughts of sand and water, so why not indulge in these soon-to-be fulfilled fantasies with the Anthropologie April 2011 lookbook? Aside from providing a taste of fast-approaching hot summer days, it will also inspire you to take on a rather retro style when hitting the beach this year.

Starring the stunning Jeisa Chiminazzo, the Anthropologie April 2011 lookbook is glamorous and elegant rather than playful and overtly sexy. Although there is a sultry undertone to each look and image, the outfits are more lady-like than anything.

I especially love how the colorful and patterned beachwear showcased in the Anthropologie April 2011 lookbook contrasts nicely with the muted beach backdrop.