The Apple Tree Design by Anne Lorenz Brings Green Life to Your Kitchen

 - Aug 30, 2011
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Acting more like a real fruit tree than a bowl that holds fruits, the Apple Tree design by Anne Lorenz will transform your kitchen table into lush greenery.

This design by Anne Lorenz is made out of aluminum wire and takes the shape of a tree while holding fruits like Apples. Having the Apple Tree hold my fruits would definitely make me more keen on getting my recommended daily serving each day.

Not only has Anne Lorenz designed an interesting art piece but she's managed to make fruit attractive.

Implications - With the ever increasing amounts of technology coming out each day, consumers are looking for ways to stay connected to nature. Products that promote a greener lifestyle attract shoppers who want to embrace the organic side of life. In order to increase their popularity on the market, customers could develop more designs like this.