Anna Dittmann Paints Heavenly Women Evocative of Religious Figures

The women in these Anna Dittmann illustrations are simply heavenly. They beam with a radiance that blurs their surroundings, making viewers feel as though they’re in a dream state. The color combinations Dittmann uses are like candy for her audiences’ eyes, and her renderings are a distinct and visually pleasing blend of stylization and realism. You’d think this is the work of a seasoned veteran, but Dittmann is in actuality only 18 years old. She no doubt has a prosperous career ahead of her, if these images are any indication.

Anna Dittmann currently resides in San Francisco, where she continues to produce art that intimidates even the most skilled professionals. Her ability to actualize surreal depictions of women is simply astounding, and it’ll be interesting to see where she takes her visuals in the years to come.