Biologist/Fashion Designer Anke Domaske Unveils Her New 'Milk Clothes'

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: thenextweb & gizmodo
Anke Domaske boasts a strange academic background; she's a biologist and a fashion designer, and her new invention, milk-based fabric, combines both her talents.

After considerable research, Anke Domaske and her team discovered a simple and cheap method to turn sour milk into eco-friendly yarn. Concerned by the public's underestimation of milk, the fashion designer explains that the technique involves removing any liquid or proteins from the sour milk. The result is ground down and woven into a fabric which is soft, falls elegantly and is cheaper than silk! Best of all, and despite their similar texture, milk-based clothes avoid the environmental damage associated with sericulture and silk production.

For only $290, you can get your hands on one of Anke Domaske's cutting-edge designs. And remember to show people the label, otherwise they'll never believe your dress is made of milk!