Andy Thomson Uses His Moody Visual Style to Depict Astronauts

 - Apr 28, 2012
References: society6 & zitterberg.tumblr
It’s nearly impossible to look at these Andy Thomson illustrations without emoting. The gifted artist has a visual style that’s technically adept, but more importantly, it communicates moods that viewers can readily empathize with. His faded color palette choices set the stage for somber compositions, which put audiences in a contemplative mindset. Being able to create this sort of connection between the viewer and his work makes Thomson a talent that transcends just being a visual artist.

Several of Andy Thomson’s renderings feature astronauts as subjects. In his series entitled ‘Choice,’ he overlaps the image of a spacesuit on top of a rugged man dressed in alternative clothes and smoking a cigarette. Viewers can derive an obvious narrative from the pictures, demonstrating the depth of thought Thomson puts into each illustration.