Andrea Mastrovito Creates a Fantasy World Made of Zoology Books

An impressive trompe-l'oeil installation created by Andrea Mastrovito was shown at the Sixth Borough exhibition in Governor's Island, New York.

The installation, entitled 'The Island of Dr.Mastrovito,' is eye-catching. Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito has created his "island" by hand-cutting 1,600 books of botanics and zoology to create a mysterious grove full of life at first glance, yet motionless when observed carefully. All sorts of forest animals reside in the wonderful island of Andrea Mastrovito: cats (lots of them), bunnies, bears, turtles, mice and an amazing amount of butterflies.

Andrea Mastrovito lives and works between Bergamo and New York and is known for using paper as the main material of his creations, from installations to collages and paintings.