The EgyptMod

 - Jun 1, 2008
References: technabob
Conceived by Chris Kramer, AKA Jadragon, the EgyptMod PC is decorated with what looks like hieroglyphics and faux jewels and the casing is covered with 68 lbs of hand-carved limestone tiles.

I'm really getting a kick out of this PC! Kramer put more than 200 hours into crafting the case for the EgyptMod PC with its intricate hieroglyphics and imagery which include the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection Eye of Ra. It include "gemstone details, which include turquoise, calcite, lapis lazuli, ivory, coral and carnelian," according to Technabob.

As a lover of Egyptology I'm liking this PC a lot. Would I get one for myself? I don't think so, but I can admire from a distance.