The Edgeline Systems Assist Management of Remotely Sourced Data

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: www8.hp & newsfactor
Hewlett Packard Enterprise has gone ahead and unveiled a pair of next-generation analytics systems that are designed to make it possible for large organizations to capture, organize, process and interpret massive sets of data.

The Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000 are targeted towards organizations looking to deploy Internet of Things devices in relatively remote locations.The systems allow for reliable data control and management even in the most complicated of physical environments thanks to their ability to handle extreme temperatures, shock and vibration. This allows organizations to put together informative data visualizations using in-depth data.

Ultimately, these analytics systems promise to directly boost organization's profits and performance by allowing them to make smart and informed decisions, taking into account large sets of data. They will especially appeal to companies active in the manufacturing, telecommunications and gas spheres thanks to its ability to help capture data in remote areas.