This Retro Clock Has Twitchy Needles Like a Real Analog Voltmeter

 - Nov 3, 2015
The Model AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock works just like the real thing and will make any room look like a vintage science lab.

The Analog Voltmeter Clock has two meters on its face: one counting from 0 to 12 for the hours and the other from 0 to 60 for minutes. It comes in either off-white Industrial Gray or khaki-colored Olive Drab. It offers the option to have the hands remain steady on the exact time, or to change to twitch mode, where the needles waver slightly in order to replicate the movement of a real analog voltmeter. The needles are connected to an ATtiny 44 CPU.

The AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock was originally conceived and launched as a Kickstarter project by design company Awkward Engineer.