Ana Soler Creates a Mid-Air Masterpiece Using Coins and Optics

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: & sweet-station
Looking at the pictures of Ana Soler's latest exhibit, one might think they're looking at coins that have been captured falling from the sky. However, the work is actually unmoving and the coins never sway from their original locale.

Soler has created other exhibits in the past that play with our perceptions and make us doubt what we're seeing. Causa Efecto featured bouncing balls that weren't bouncing at all, but were actually strategically placed to create the illusion of movement without ever having any at all.

Artists are continually thinking of different ways to make money into art and Ana Soler takes this notion to a complex level by putting it into a rather surreal scenario. One could interpret the work as commenting on the illusive nature of money; it's forever in our presence, but impossible to hold on to.