'An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things' Makes Music

 - Sep 17, 2012
References: dennisppaul.de & dennisppaul.de
Denis P Paul has conceived 'An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things' that transforms rotating objects into music.

Using a scanner and a stand to rotate various pieces, this installation showcases the ability to find beauty in the mundane. The shape of each object is used to define loops whether each silhouette is crumpled, modular or symmetric. The sonification tool was built with "aluminum tubes, white POM, black acrylic glass, a high precision distance measuring laser and a stepper motor," says Paul.

With such a forward-thinking design, Denis P Paul makes a statement of the positive effects that technological advances have on the art world. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this device is the sentiment that comes with finding audible art in everyday objects.