The 'Amphetamine Logic' Column by Cat Marnell Provides Honest Insight

 - Jul 31, 2012
References: vice & vice
The controversial beauty editor continues her reign as a witty writer with Vice Magazine's 'Amphetamine Logic' Column by Cat Marnell.

Her latest venture is essentially a play-by-play memoir in which Marnell shares insights into her drug and beauty product addiction. After her sudden departure from xoJane, she has acquired a column in Vice that is breathtakingly well written.

Her writing is refreshingly honest as it tackles tough issues like drug dependance, aspirations for a thin physique and heart-breaking accounts on a need to be intelligent. Cat is witty and ruthless in her social commentary on the glamorous scene to which she belongs in affluent Manhattan. With titles like 'Bloodsuckers and Condé Nast-ys,' she paints a picture with her words that is both humorous and real.

The series, published weekly, is one of a kind in its unabashed honesty. Its writer's commitment to truthfulness gives it a fascinating and knowing portrayal of reality as an affluent millenial.